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Stearns Ch. 7 Class Notes

Stearns Ch. 7 Class Notes - S tearns Ch 7 I N CLASS NOTES...

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Stearns Ch. 7 IN CLASS NOTES: THE CLASSICAL PERIOD: DIRECTIONS, DIVERSITIES AND DECLINES BY 500 C.E. -If you were born in a country, you worshiped that religion -Didn’t go out & recruit -E. & W. Africa -250 C.E. missionaries coming into Egypt & converting to Christianity -Each culture paints Jesus to look like them -Ethiopian Christianity: rejected trinity, only God -Everyone required to be Christian -Longest survived monarchy in world -Islam -Traders establish cities along coast -Swahelee (language) -W. Africa agriculture -Gets goin couple hundred years after Jesus -Clay soil (hard to work with) -Cut down forestry -Huge amounts of labor -100 to 200 C.E. population explosion -Strings of villages (elaborate regulations) -Inheritance/Decent through women -500 to 800 C.E. -Ghana: Gold trade (bling, sign of status, 1 st bling) -^^Persia & Roman empire wanted it the most -Used camels to get across desert to trade w/ Ghana -Made Ghana extremely rich (controlled gold trade) -Ghana also set up cities -^^Begins to fall ~800 C.E.
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