Stearns Ch. 8 Class Notes

Stearns Ch. 8 Class Notes - -Not born evil-Jesus wasn’t...

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[Pick the date] [TYPE THE DOCUMENT TITLE] -Mecca before Muhammad, many polytheistic tribal groups, rich town -Married rich -Doubted own tribal religion -Went to caves to meditate; Angel Gabriel came to him -Jesus was 2 nd to last phrophet -Constantly made fun of & called out rich merchants for obsession w/ merchants -Converted entire town of Medina within few about 10 years -Didn’t have much success converting Christians & Jews -Islam; single pure undivided faith -Shiite & Sunni Muslim -Wrap old & new testament into one w/o all complexities -Qur’an: almost all stories that stand for certain point -Qur’an only read in Arabic -Hadith: word of people about Muhammad -Muhammad just a man -Muslim believe in complete serparation from God existence -Rejects magic & superstition Peoples of the book -Demi’s (protected people) -Muslim’s did not believe in original sin
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Unformatted text preview: -Not born evil-Jesus wasn’t resurrected according to Islam-In Islam, all aspects of life are tied together by religion-Reason is not opposed to faith-Reason is gift from God; Rational faith-Muslim more eye for an eye-Ali: last caliph, blood relative of Muhammad-hereditary succession from Muhammad-642 conquered & converted Persia-Pagans enslaved & went under order of army-Convert Christians & Jews w/o force, then later did w/ force-All educated people in Islam learned Arabic-656 Ali becomes caliph [Pick the date] [TYPE THE DOCUMENT TITLE]-murdered in 661 by one of his generals-claimed title of caliph-In Islam, rich men could have up to 4 wifes-only practiced by very richest normally-Shaira law very harsh on women-Women expected to wear veil-If men can’t see women, men won’t be driven crazy by looks of women-Had to give husband sex whenever he wanted it...
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Stearns Ch. 8 Class Notes - -Not born evil-Jesus wasn’t...

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