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SWS Ch. 7 Class Notes - -Hermits secluded got away from...

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[Pick the date] [TYPE THE DOCUMENT TITLE] -Misogyny: women hated -Jerome hated women; except Paula -Ascetic/ism: denying every pleasure possible, withdrawing from world, beating yourself to death -Chastity obsession -No one talks about founding mothers -Charity: giving away money, Jesus all about the poor, not to be selfish (kind of acetisism)
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Unformatted text preview: -Hermits: secluded, got away from temptation, lived in caves in desert; all men-^^Popes/Bishops worried they will come into communities and convince people of weird ideas-Sang as form of praise-Prous Christians & less serious Christians-Heretic: Church would cast you away from group-...
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