TEST 2 REVIEW!! - -Jerome Paula-4th Century-Constantine...

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-Jerome & Paula -4 th Century -Constantine moving things to constanople -Constantine: Christianity, 1 st Christian Emperor -Marcella: Sponsors Convents ( a lot of charity work) -Male Convent: Monastary -Become totally spiritual, die go straight to heaven -Marcella: married & has 6 children -Husband dies, Starts convents -Wars of Is Jesus the father or of the father -Jerome translates latin bible, knows greek, teaches self Hebrew -Paula is rich, Jerome mentor to all the convents -Bethleham, Jerusalem -“Fashionable Christians” attacked hypocrites, Jerome also hypocrite -Kicked out -1 st Monks: Hermets -Get away from everything -Scared priests because they came back with different ideas -Prayed 4 times a day -Jeromes attitude towards women & marriage/Married life pg. 164 SWS: Distraction from God, Paula exception, lived family life & went straight to God, other women. -Women liked materialistic things (Shopping, Jealous, Bad breath) Pg. 166 too -**Christian position on women, monks** -Alieshaony -Sunni & Shiite Muslem - When Muhammad died, argument over successor (caliph) -Corran -Uma chooses caliph, most religious guy, read bible, act like Muhammad -12 th Imab -Will come judge world -Aisha, daughter of Abu Baker (1 st caliph) -Makes Ali mad -Ali murdered
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-Umahyad -Uzman/Umah 2 nd caliph -Central event of Aisha: left by caravan, soldier brings back, shes polluted, Ali says just kill her (to Muhammad), more women, makes Abu Barker mad, Alah says she didn’t do it, Muhammad believes, kills gossipers, -Protosuni, Protoshiite - 847 Caliph not in Baghdad, chooses sunni, kills Shiites -Shiites considered to be superstitious
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TEST 2 REVIEW!! - -Jerome Paula-4th Century-Constantine...

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