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Chapter1 Key Points Review

Chapter1 Key Points Review - Key Points Review Chapter 1...

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Key Points Review: Chapter 1 Physical Activity and the Focus of Kinesiology Experiencing physical activity, scholarly study of physical activity, and professional practice centered in physical activity are the three sources of physical activity knowledge that constitute the discipline of kinesiology. Only knowledge about physical activity that is included in a college or university curriculum or used in research is part of the body of knowledge of kinesiology. What Is Physical Activity? Physical activity is movement that is intentional, voluntary, and directed toward achieving an identifiable goal. This definition excludes human movements that are involuntary, such as reflexes, or those performed aimlessly and without a specific purpose. What Is Kinesiology? The discipline of kinesiology consists of experiential knowledge, theoretical knowledge, and professional practice knowledge. Experiential knowledge derives from experiencing physical activity; theoretical knowledge derives from
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