Chapter3 Key Points Review

Chapter3 Key Points Review - Key Points Review: Chapter 3...

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Key Points Review: Chapter 3 Subjective Experience Versus Activity Experience Physical activity experience refers to our history of participation, training, practice, or observation of any particular physical activity. It differs from subjective physical activity experiences, which are our reactions, feelings, and thoughts in relation to physical activity. The central concern of all kinesiologists and physical activity professionals is the systematic manipulation of physical activity experiences based on sound scientific principles to bring about improvement in skill, performance, and health and well-being. Physical Activity as a Signature of Humanity A unique capacity for performing physical activity is one of the major features that contribute to the distinctive character of the human race. Human physical activity is distinguished from that of lower animals by four characteristics: Ability to match movements to sophisticated plans to achieve more complex physical activity goals Ability to apply physical activity to artistic creations A high degree of flexibility and adaptation in physical activity made possible by unique anatomical structures Ability to plan experiences that lead to improvement in performance
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Chapter3 Key Points Review - Key Points Review: Chapter 3...

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