Chapter4 Key Points Review

Chapter4 Key Points Review - Key Points Review: Chapter 4...

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Key Points Review: Chapter 4 Truths About Sport and Exercise The interior and sometimes mysterious aspect of our lives, in which we collect, recall, and reflect on the feelings that physical activity elicits and the meanings it has for us, is the realm of subjective experience. One of the primary reasons we seek out exercise and sport is that they supply us with unique forms of human experience unavailable to us in our everyday lives. The Nature of Subjective Experiences All physical activity is accompanied by sensations that we can convert to perceptions, emotions, and knowledge. To get the full experience of a physical activity, we must be open to the emotional and cognitive impressions that the activity provides. The subjective experiences that accompany physical activity may have a profound effect on us during and immediately after our performances. Reflecting on these experiences months or years later often helps us put them into a more comprehensive and meaningful frame of reference. Components of Subjective Experience Physical activity is always accompanied by the internal sensations of moving our
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Chapter4 Key Points Review - Key Points Review: Chapter 4...

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