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Test 3 Study Guide - -Copu d’etat shogun abdicated-The...

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-The Desisive Years -Crimean War, Sepoy Rebellion, China, Japan, American Civil War -Crimean war -Causes: -Russian-Ottoman Rivalry -What power will protect Christian sites? Catholic or orthodox? France or Russia -Strange Allies: -Christian Brittian, France, Sardinia Joined Islamic Ottoman Empire Against Christian Russia -Austria demanded Russia yield Romania area, ended congress system alliance -Results: -Hostility between Austria and Russia over Balkans -Balkan nationalism increased -India: -Sepoy Mutiny -End of mogul empire and of east india company -India: a crown colony with british viceroy -british influences in the region: Afghanistan, Persia, Arabia, Egypt, (Suez Canal) -China: -Opium War opened ports to foreign trade -Taiping rebellion began, led by hung hsiu-sh’uan,captured shanghai, Treaty of tietsan (ended 2 nd opium war) -Japan: -US mission (perry) succeeded on 2 nd attempt -western influence increased
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Unformatted text preview: -Copu d’etat; shogun abdicated-The meiji restoration-Result: japan modernized in one generation-American Civil War-Results of Antietam: -Lincoln’s preliminary emancipation proclamation-Europe did not recognize the CSA-Maryland stayed with the union-McClellan failed to pursue Lee, was replaced by burnside-Turning point; Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, & Vicksburg-Emancipation-War Grinds to an end (Grant & Lee)-13, 14, & 15 th amendments to constitution-Rise of Industry-Jim Crow Laws-Revolutionary year of 1848-Banquets led to French revolt against Louis Philippe-The Second Republic; Big mistake=don’t choose nephew of napoleon Bonaparte-Failure due to social conflicts june days, violence-President Louis napoleon-Example of Revolution in paris spread to berlin-Dream of A United Germany failed at the Frankfurt assembly-Karl Marx & the Communist Manifesto-Italy-Germany...
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