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09DWBIO - DAVID WORTH BIO David believes that his passion...

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DAVID WORTH – BIO David believes that his passion for Cinema began during high school, when he was inspired by a viewing of Orson Welles’ CITIZEN KANE . "I knew that I wanted to become a filmmaker and somehow I had already taken the first step." Majoring in Motion Pictures at UCLA, David gained hands on experience in Writing, Photographing, Directing and Editing, while studying every film he could find, from D.W. Griffiths’ INTOLERANCE to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 . Influenced by the European New Wave, he gained a command of the camera and began to pursue small independent features. He was usually hired as the Cinematographer / Editor, but found himself doing whatever was necessary, from treatments, scripts, budgets and production boards, to casting, crewing, storyboards, second unit and production supervising. Achieving a reputation as a Director of Photography who delivered a quality look on a modest budget, earned David the attention of Clint Eastwood. "I consider the year that I
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