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FILM AND TV STUDY GUIDE Intolerance by DW Griffith: Master of Cinema Nearly 100 years old Silent film= no spoken dialog, only music and title cards Film filled with staggering cinematic accomplishments Battle scenes, love scenes, nudity, violence, never seen before or since, storytelling’s, structure that encompassed four separate narratives and four diff epochs of time. Griffith’s astounding cinematic vision o Huge use of aster shots o Extreme close ups o Making the frame horizontally and vertically o Iris in and iris out o Massive dolly o Crane work o Laying out for the audience four separate stories of humanities Intolerance o Told in four diff colors thru four diff times in history -Truly a cinematic achievement that is still unequaled today and has never been attempted again - Unparalleled masterwork had each story hand tinted a diff color to help the audience follow along he film covered nearly 2,500 years of human history and Intolerance o The Modern Story was Black and white and Sepia-------1914 AD= opens and closes the film, the tale of a mother losing her child to those who felt morally superior and of her husband about the be hanged for a crime that he did not commit o The Fall of Babylon was blue and orange----539 BC= the excesses, intrigues and deception o The Crucifixion of Christ was Magenta ---27AD= story of the final trial o The French Huguenots was Green---1572 AD = Catholics eliminating the Protestants
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All the stories were linked visually by a shot of a mother, Lillian Gish, rocking a cradle that symbolized both the cradle of civilization as well as humanities ongoing promise of a fresh beginning with every new both. Got his chops by directing over 450 one and two-reel films Shot wid available sunlight or firelight The night fire scenes of Babylon towers and walls was not taken in sunlight---dusk wid flares Feast of Belshazzar scene, three eight of a mile long G had a huge dolly/crane invented n built—mounted on 6 sets of railroad car wheel units, pushes by team of 25 men Another men operated the elevator that moved up n down or into or out of the scene All the assistant directors became major Hollywood directors ONE OF THE MOST VISIONARY FILMS OF ALL TIME BATTLESHIP Potemkin===SERGEI EISENSTEIN’ MASTER OF MONTAGE - black n white silent film - theatrical acting -
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