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Unformatted text preview: THE INDUSTRY Recently, the security equipment industry has been booming. Many Korean companies jumped in to the profitable CCTV surveillance market, creating star industry. There were hundred of security equipment manufactures in Korea, most of them gain strong growth in revenue and profit. However, in 2008 the situation has been changed with many players dropping out the market. While the rest continuing gain revenue growth, but they are suffering from lower profit. The study by AS magazine, 2008 found out that the unique strengths and opportunities of each supplier because they had strategies to distinguish themselves for the competition and emphasized technological innovation, along with good old-fashioned service. With a more inclusive report, suppliers had their say on how the industry is shaping up along with any security equipment industry weaknesses or threats they perceived, for a strength-weakness-opportunity threat (SWOT) analysis, some companies were negatively affected by factors out of their control. “The decline in the company's profitability is to be attributed to the affected by factors out of their control....
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