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ECONOMICS: MACRO The future of the security equipment industry in Korea is bright. With Population over 48 million and annual growth rate (2008): 0.269% which indicates that the enormous baby boom generation. There is also very strong indication that many chances for security equipment industry as the work force (24.22 million ) mechanism of services 75.2%; industry 17.3%; agriculture 7.5%. The sharp drop in oil and raw material prices is likely to act as a partial buffer against the rapid contraction of the purchasing power of the Korean economy in 2008.
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Unformatted text preview: The boomer will continue to dominants the domestic security equipment market for the next coming years. The Korean Ministry of Information and Communications has carried out an ambitious plan to build home network environment for 10 million households at the end of 2007. "Security and safety are more important," as buildings, houses and complexes get bigger and higher. People want to protect their families, companies, assets and health. Because of this, I believe that the Korean security industry will grow approximately 20 percent yearly."...
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