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Unformatted text preview: TECHNOLOGY The Korean security industry (DVRs, cameras, biometrics and home automation) is highly advanced. A focus on R&D and fast commercialization of new technology has helped Korean manufacturers stand out from competition. Core technologies define Korean strengths which thrive on its R&D strength and highly developed technology. Manufacturers are honing their product capabilities for next-generation security. That means intelligent systems, innovative functions and quality performance (Ling-Liu 2007). Many Korean companies are now making their own chips, specifically MPEG-4 codec ICs and H.264 SOCs. "We have released MPEG-4 codec ICs for last three years and finally did H.264 SOCs in this September 2007; we are also developing DSP ICs for CCTV cameras," said Joo Ho Kim, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of Pentamicro Inc. CNB Technology Inc. has nearly 50 R&D engineers account for one-third of total its employees, the company holds dozens of patents for its designs. CNB has experienced high annual growth over the last company holds dozens of patents for its designs....
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