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SOCIETAL The revised economic policy by the Korean government may have an impact on future security equipment sales. Even when the Korean economy is considered to have entered the recessionary phase with its exports sharply declining as the global economic downturn is widely spreading, we can see the number of consumers planning to reduce expenditures on durable goods. High speed Pan/Tilt/Zoom system is suppose to be “bad”, because it very expensive and less efficient surveillance equipments were purchased more out of a sense of vanity than real “need” for the security system capabilities they can offer. For sure many of
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Unformatted text preview: this equipment never saw surfaces more challenging than pavement. However, that public opinion on expensive systems may not turn against the needs of security equipments, because Korean people think “Security and safety are more important". People want to protect their families, companies, assets and health. According to executives at Korean companies, the surveillance market will grow by more than 10 percent over the next several years. People, they noted, prefer products with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use functions. They trust that the facts and sound technology will win over Korean public opinion....
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