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27-SCOPE OF COMPETITIVE RIVALRY - specific placement of...

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SCOPE OF COMPETITIVE RIVALRY The scope of the rivalry among six existing Korean firms which selected in the World’s top 50 security is fairly competitive. There are just two companies was in a tough competition. In 2008, Kocom Co.,ltd, with total 152 employees, capital 7,600,00 USD, revenue 61,2000,000 USD, is the real competitor of CNB technology Inc. with total 151 employees, capital USD 4,353,000, revenue 63,8 000,000 USD. While Kocom has only ranked No. 30 in World’s top 50 securities, CNB rank No. 29. Based on the above rivalry presented in security equipment industry, CNB technology must focus on
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Unformatted text preview: specific placement of their product in the market and develop their internal strengths to distinguish themselves from the other companies such as customer marketing support by Global sourcing management using Global network can savings in purchasing of cases and circuits, China based facilities for competitive manufacturing cost. Therefore, rivalry among existing firms is high (Ahlers, T.; Gorman, A.; Parker, E., 2003)....
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