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36-Comax-THE STRATEGIC MOVES OF EACH RIVAL - averages of 30...

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Commax ’s basic strategic started during 1994 as the company has a state-of the art factory which was established in 1994 in China and is a renowned enterprise in the international community that exports its products to more than 120 different countries. In 2007 COMMAX has continuously invested 5% of its yearly sales on research and development. About 50 out of 260 employees are working in R&D and
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Unformatted text preview: averages of 30 to 40 new products are being introduced every year. Currently, more than 400 different products are being produced. Based on its accumulated technical know-how, COMMAX is making every effort to become the Global Top Brand in the visual communication area by renewed its focus on product research and development. Commax commitment...
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