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Kocom ’s strategic move started in 2004, as the company participated in digital home network model service(KT Consortium). In 2004, Kocom posted its growth profit highest 61.2 percent. Kocom was outstanding because of its ventures into the home-network sector. With the confidence of making meaningful products for humankind and introducing high-tech R&D system, Kocom itself has managed to renew the research institute in 2007. This institute becomes main capacity of Kocom by investing large scale money in developing new high tech technology. In 2008, Kocom release new Product Development Technology based on Embedded OS (WinCE, Linux) and it has awarded a letter of commendation from Ministry of Knowledge Economy . On Dec 24 2008 the company started domestic home network market expansion strategy and it has signed a contract with Korea National Housing Corporation to supply and set up home network. The contract amount is KRW 2,429,000,000.
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Unformatted text preview: In 2005, Kodicoms strategic move was successful in M&A with some outstanding companies as Samyang Optics Co.,Ltd. and SEIKOU OPTICAL LTD. was registered as the affiliates. It is the reason why the company could hold the top rank in domestic output in 2006 with 17% increased in revenue. KODICOM's DVR has been exported to more than 70 countries, including US, Japan, UK and Australia. As Kodicom acquired ISO 9001 and certifications such as FCC, CE, EMI, UL and CCC for its models, In 2008, Kodicom has selected as World's Top 50 Security Companies in products sales (Rank 43). Furthermore, KODICOM will continue to put every effort as the leader in the digital era in the 21st century and to develop new items required for its future with the administration philosophy of "For Satisfaction of Customers, Shareholders and Employees" as the company carefully listening to the customers without any excuses....
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