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SUMMARY OF THE DOMESTIC MARKET AND COMPANY POSITION The domestic market is in an upward trend. Despite of Worldwide economic crisis, the best opportunities will continue to exist at the higher end of the security equipment segment, including video surveillance products. Video surveillance, which has logged steady growth in South Korea over the past several years, continues to find broader use outside of the bedrock (ex: high rise building, financial and commercial sectors). CCTV cameras have been installed on public transport buses, frontiers and households. Cameras will now be able to monitor the interiors and entrances of public places. Areas likely to be affected include railway stations, places of worship, factories and power plants, border lines (with North Korea) as well as a range of private commercial and office settings. Among product types, the best prospects exist for digital
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Unformatted text preview: systems, as well as equipment that allow CCTV images to be transmitted over Internet Protocol networks. As we can see on the industry analysis, the Korean security equipment market is one of the world’s largest, and its security equipment industry including DVRs, cameras, and home automation is highly advanced. They are focus on R&D and fast commercialization of new technology has helped these Korean companies stand out from competition. There is no denying that CNB technology Inc. is making significant presence in the domestic security equipment market. CNB is also willing to go a step further: pouring more investment into R&D of new technologies and products, as well as developing new markets. Korean domestic market now is one of the most promising-land on going forward....
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  • Spring '09
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