ORGANIClab5 - E xperiment N o.: 6 Name: Paul Gonzales...

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Experiment No.: Experiment Name: Date: 6 Fractional Distillation 07/09/10 Name: Course: Paul Gonzales CH 2123 1
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Purpose: to separate components of petroleum hydrocarbons using fractional distillation methods Physical Data: Mol wt. Bp D Cyclohexane 84.2 81 0.774 Toluene 92.2 111 0.867 Procedure: 1. All components of the fractional distillation apparatus must be clean and dry. Pack a distilling column uniformly with the column packing provided and measure the height of the packing in centimeters to the nearest 0.1 cm; the column needn’t be insulated. Obtain five clean, dry fraction collectors, such as a 1- dram screw-cap vial and four 4-dram screw cap vials. Label the smaller vial HETP and number the other vials from 1 to 4. Then weigh vials #1-4 with their caps on. Measure 40 mL of an equimolar mixture of cyclohexane and toluene into a 100-mL round bottom flask and add some boiling chips. Clamp the flask to a ring stand over an appropriate heat source and assemble an apparatus for fractional distillation, using the HETP vial as the receiver. 2. Heat the mixture to a gentle boil and adjust the heating rate so that the vapors rise slowly up the column. Reduce the heating rate if the column begins to flood; the packing should be moistened by condensing vapors with shouldn’t contain any flowing liquid. Distillate should begin collecting not long after the rising vapors reach the still head. Collect the first five drops of distillate in the HETP vial, then cap the vial tightly. Quickly
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This note was uploaded on 09/07/2010 for the course CHEM CH 2123 taught by Professor Heemoonpark during the Summer '10 term at Austin Community College.

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ORGANIClab5 - E xperiment N o.: 6 Name: Paul Gonzales...

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