ORGANIClab9 - Experiment No 9 Name Paul Gonzales Experiment...

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Experiment No.: Experiment Name: Date: 9 Isolation and Isomerization of Lycopene from Tomato Paste 07/23/10 Name: Course: Paul Gonzales CH 2123 1
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Purpose: the purpose is to determine if a sample of tomato paste was significantly isomerized or not and the percentage of trans-lycopene in our sample. Physical Data: Procedure: 1. Pack a column for chromatography with neutral Brockmann grade II-III alumina in a 25 mL buret or other appropriate chromatography column, using hexanes as the column packing solvent. See that the surface of the alumina is uniform and as horizontal as possible. Obtain a 50 mL beaker and a clean, dry 4-dram screw cap vial to collect the eluates. Clamp the column to a ring stand over the beaker, making sure that it is as vertical as possible and that the alumina is covered with solvent. Close the column with a cork or rubber stopper. 2. Protect the pigment from undue exposure to light throughout the remainder of this experiment. Weigh about 4.0 g of tomato paste into a small beaker. Extract the solid material three times with successive 10 mL portions of a 50% mixture of acetone an low boiling petroleum ether, each time filtering the extract through fluted filter paper into a small Erlenmeyer flask. After each extraction, decant the liquid extract onto the filter, pressing the residue in the beaker with a flat bladed spatula to squeeze out as much liquid as possible. After the third extraction, transfer the residue to the filter and wash it with 5
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ORGANIClab9 - Experiment No 9 Name Paul Gonzales Experiment...

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