ORGANIClab51 - E xperiment No 6 Name Paul Gonzales...

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Experiment No.: Experiment Name: Date: 6 Fractional Distillation 07/09/10 Name: Course: Paul Gonzales CH 2123 Purpose: to separate components of petroleum hydrocarbons using fractional distillation methods Physical Data: Mol wt. Bp D Cyclohexan e 84.2 81 0.774 Toluene 92.2 111 0.867 Calculations: Procedure: 1. All components of the fractional distillation apparatus must be clean and dry. Pack a distilling column uniformly with the column packing provided and measure the height of the packing in centimeters to the nearest 0.1 cm; the column needn’t be insulated. Obtain five clean, dry fraction collectors, such as a 1- dram screw-cap vial and four 4-dram screw cap vials. Label the smaller vial HETP and number the other vials from 1 to 4. Then weigh vials #1-4 with their caps on. Measure 40 mL of an equimolar mixture of cyclohexane and toluene into a 100-mL round bottom flask and add some boiling chips. Clamp the flask to a ring stand over an appropriate heat source and assemble an apparatus for fractional distillation, using the HETP vial as the
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This note was uploaded on 09/07/2010 for the course CHEM CH 2123 taught by Professor Heemoonpark during the Summer '10 term at Austin Community College.

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ORGANIClab51 - E xperiment No 6 Name Paul Gonzales...

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