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Discussion- 25 pts total (16 pts general discuss, 9 pts for topics-3 pt each) The purpose of experiment 8 was to calculate the absorption of various solutions and to use Beer’s Law to determine equilibrium concentrations. In part A, a working solution of iron (III) nitrate was made and mixed in various amounts with KSCN and HNO 3 solutions. The absorption of the solution was recorded. In part B, more solutions at different concentrations and amounts were mixed and the absorptions measured. Beer’s Law was used to find the absorbity from part A, and the absorbity was used with the data from part B to determine the equilibrium concentrations and constant. The equilibrium constant was very high, with an average of 141.16, which means that the reaction is either incomplete or reversible.
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Unformatted text preview: The sources of error we might have ran into were due to the fact that all the solutions were mixed by hand and any incorrect volume measurements would corrupt the data. Topic 1 How did you know the concentration of the product to use in Beers Law in Part A.? The assumption is that all of the iron becomes product Topic 2 How did you know the concentration of the three chemical species to use in determining the equilibrium constant in Part B.? The solution was made using known concentrations, so the final concentration can be calculated Topic 3 Was the equilibrium constant (K) you determined a large or small number? What does the number tell you about this equilibrium? The equilibrium constant I determined was a large number, which means that the reaction is incomplete or reversable...
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