Discussion exp 9 - juice and toilet bowl cleaner. The...

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Discussion The objective of part A in this experiment was to determine the pH of several common household items with both an indicator and pH paper. The pH paper was the more accurate of the two because it has more colors. In part B of this experiment, the objective a 0.1M strong acid, HCl, a 0.1M weak acid, 0.1M Acetic acid, a 0.1M strong base, NaOH, and a .0.1M weak base NH 4 OH were all placed in a test tube and their respective pHs recorded. Next the concentration decreases to 0.01M then to 0.001 to see the relationship between pH and concentration. As the concentration decreases the pH of the acids increases and the pH of the bases decreases, moving closer to a neutral pH of 7. In part C, three universal indicators were examined to determine the exact color change of the indicator by adding HCl and NaOH back and fourth pinpointing the exact pH. Topic 1: The strongest acid of the common household items was a tie between lemon
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Unformatted text preview: juice and toilet bowl cleaner. The strongest base was a three way tie between baking soda, ammonia, and Windex. Topic 2: The strong acid was HCl, the weak acid was acetic acid, the strong base was NaOH and the weak base was NH 4 OH. We wanted to see the relationship pH, H + , OH- and percent dissociation has with concentration. As more water was added to each solution the pH was getting closer to 7 which means the pH increased for the acids and decreased for the bases. Next the H + for the acids which decreased as concentration and also OH-which decreased as the concentration decreased for the bases. The percent dissociation increases because the more water that is added, the more the solution dissociates. Topic 3: Topic 4: Topic 5: Work Cited Chemistry 1310 Lab Manual; Leigh Bottomley and Charles T. Cox Jr....
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Discussion exp 9 - juice and toilet bowl cleaner. The...

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