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AMH2020 1/28/10 prof noll not here I. watched video on ellis island A. questions asked. horrible conditions. 1. everyone wants to get into america. 2. all were checked for symptoms of 60ish diseases. a) if found with symptom had to stay at ellis island for fur- ther review B. sometimes officials changed names of people, changed spelling 1. at the beginning immigrants didnt have to be literate to be accepted in america 2. by 1917 immigration rules changed and immigrants HAD
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Unformatted text preview: to be literate 3. kissing post- railroad and ferry ticket booth, money ex-change center, once they were accepted into america, this is were they went. went to meet up with family, hence “kissing post” 4. kissing post was ran by immigrant officials by 1902, ori-ginally private corporations but they were kept on close watch on and after 1902 II. Second subtopic A. First Point 1. Supporting Point 2. Supporting Point...
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