10 - AMH2020 I Imperialism A America involved in the...

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I. Imperialism A. America involved in the imperialism race 1. b/c: a) our right to expand b) notion of white supremacy c) we want at some level to be the good guy (1) b/c united states in its infancy was a colony of european power, mainly britain d) american imperialistic ventures begins in Cuba (1) cuba still controlled by Spain, (cuba and puerto rico) (2) cubans are fighting for independence from Spain (3) the ten years war- (4) Jose Martin- cuban who travels back and forth between cuba and tampa and key west and NY. trying to get americans to intervene. in 1894 sees time is r right to go back to cuba to start a revolution. sends messages back to tampa- sent message on tampa cigar (made by cubans). within 4 months martin is killed in the struggle. becomes a mark to the cuban revolutionary cause. today he is respected and honored by cubans (venerated by them). cubans in miami respect him too. e) Valeriano Weyler (1) reconcentrado. he and spanish soldiers take cuban rural conservtations in camps where thy cant. . (2) viewed by american press as The Butcher (3) f) Yellow Journalism- manipulating a story and sensa- tionalizing a story. propaganda. to sell newspapers is the ultimate goal. (1)
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10 - AMH2020 I Imperialism A America involved in the...

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