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CONNECTIVE TISSUE, LABORATORY GUIDE Digital Slide Set, CONNECTIVE TISSUE: Breast : Dense irregular fibrous tissue and adipose tissue comprise most of the specimen. Some loose connective tissue is present. Note scattered glands (acini) and ducts composed of epithelial cells. Both merocrine and apocrine glands are present. A number of moderate-sized arteries and veins are present Lymph node, Reticular Stain : Identify lymph node in center of section and the many reticular fibers within the node. Lymphocytes are vaguely demonstrated by the stain. A moderate-sized artery is included in the section and the elastic fibers in the vessel wall are differentially stained and easily identifiable. Note the lymph node capsule composed of dense irregular connective tissue surrounded by ample adipose tissue. A small piece of tracheal or bronchial wall (hyaline cartilage and respiratory epithelium) is present. Parotid Salivary Gland : Clusters of salivary glands are surrounded by adipose tissue. Dense
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