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Lab Guide, Epithelia; HISTOLOGY SLIDE SET, EPITHELIUM LAB. Duodenum : Orientation : Transverse section: The irregular open space in the center is the lumen surrounded by the mucous membrane and the outer surface is the serosum. See illustration Wpg264f14.2 for orientation. Identify the mucosal epithelium, composed of simple columnar epithelium , as shown in the photomicrograph in Wheater pg 84, figure 5.3 (Wpg84f5.3) and Wpg277f14.19-20. An impression of the microvillus border , aka brush border and striated border , Wpg93f5.15 can be seen in some areas. Note the goblet cells Wpg85 f5.5& pg94 f5.17-18, which technically at glands though composed of only one cell (unicellular gland). Located beneath the mucosa is the submucosa which contains many multicellular glands (rounded structures with central lumen lined by a single layer of large epithelial cells with foamy cytoplasm. Wpg98f5.26 shows similar glands, but in a salivary gland. Wpg277f14.19 shows these glands at low magnification. These are simple cuboidal to low columnar cells that secrete mucus. The outer surface of the duodenum called the serosum and it is covered with a layer of simple squamous epithelium , also called the peritoneum and mesothelium, These cells are so thin that only the nuclei can be clearly visualized. Located in the connective tissue immediately beneath the peritoneum are occasional small blood vessels in which the endothelium can be seen as in Wpg84f5.1. Most of these vessels contain some red blood cells. Blood vessels can be found scattered throughout the various layers of the specimen. Features: Villi, Simple columnar epithelium, Goblet cells, Brush border, Simple tubular glands Discuss the function of the epithelium in each location. Gall Bladder: Orientation : Section through full wall of gall bladder. Identify the mucosal epithelium composed of simple columnar epithelium Wpg84f5.3 with steriocilia W93f5.16. See Wpg298ff15.13 for orientation. Discuss the function of the epithelium in each location. The section includes the outer (serosal) surface There are many prominent arteries and veins, many of which contain red blood cells. The endothelium (simple squamous epithelium) can be well identified in some of these. Features: Simple columnar epithelium, Stereocilia Kidney : Orientation : Transverse section through middle of kidney. See Wpg303f16.2-3, Wpg306f16.5, and Wpg307f16.6 for orientation. The outer zone is the
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Epithelia - Lab Guide Epithelia HISTOLOGY SLIDE SET...

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