lab4 - The program would create AVL trees with 1000 nodes,...

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CS 6140: Advanced Programming Lab Exercise 4 Due by 1400 hrs 14th day of September 2010 1 Exercise Programs must be written in C++ 1. Implement the following operations for AVL trees (a) search (b) insert (c) delete (d) find minimum element (e) find maximum element Provide all necessary private methods for RR, RL, LL, LR rotations. Use menu to read input from console and display at console. 2. Construct an AVL tree with n number of nodes. Get the value n from user and find n random numbers in your program and construct tree with these numbers. Find the following and print their values, (a) the number of comparisons taken in your code to construct the AVL tree with n nodes. (b) the number of comparisons needed using asymptotic time complexity Input should be taken as command line arguments. For instance, >> program_name 3 1000 2000 3000
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Unformatted text preview: The program would create AVL trees with 1000 nodes, 2000 nodes, 3000 nodes and print above men-tioned two measurements for each. 1 2 Associated Documentation Two kinds of documentation are expected with your programs. 1. The first one is documentation with the code in code comments describing the code itself. You are expected to follow good programming practices. See Dietel and Dietel for good programming practices. 2. Along with your code you must also submit to the evaluators a rich text document in which you describe the algorithms, and their running time analysis. 3 Group Work Policy You may discuss algorithms and implementations among your peers. However, each submission must be done completely by one student. Each instance of cheating will counted as missing two lab hours . 2...
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lab4 - The program would create AVL trees with 1000 nodes,...

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