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HCR 210 Week 7-DQ 2 - I believe that both the register and...

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A Register is a collection of information, such as hospital’s admission/discharge register. A  registry is a structured system for collecting and maintaining information about a defined  population so that analyses and reviews can be performed. A register is used to verify  information, such as for adoption, birth, death, divorce, and marriage. A registry is used to  collect data and perform statistical analysis and study, such as a cure for cancer.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe that both the register and registry are very important in advancing the study of treatments for disease and events that occur with the population. If I had the authority to put a policy on the availability of medical information I would just make sure that the patients information is upheld. Some patients who participate in trials for new drugs do not want others to know that they are doing this....
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