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Exam Tips - – if you run out of time put something down...

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ME 270 EXAM TIPS PREPARATION 1. Study in Small Groups Study with serious students, some of whom are at your level or above. Review many different problems (e.g., homework problems, old exam problems, quiz problems, example problems, supplemental problems, etc.). - Set up solutions, don’t crunch numbers (unless this is a problem for you). - Don’t quit until you’re convinced you could complete the solution. Brainstorm possible test questions – anticipate your instructor. 2. Don’t Study All Night Get a reasonable amount of sleep the night before (or at least a nap before the exam). 3. Bring Everything You Need Pencil and eraser Calculator (with fresh batteries).
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TAKING THE EXAM 1. Read the entire exam first – before writing anything. 2. Begin with the easiest problem – then progress to the next easiest problem. 3. Read each problem carefully – be sure you answer the question asked. 4. Show your work – maximize partial credit. 5. Think partial credit
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Unformatted text preview: – if you run out of time, put something down for every problem, explain your procedure. 6. Budget your time wisely : • Work on a problem until you get stuck. • Think about it a minute and if nothing comes, move on. • Don’t spend 30 minutes for 5 additional points and leave a 20 point problem undone. • Come back if time permits. 7. Keep your work legible – correct answers may not receive full credit if the procedure is unlegible. 8. Seek clarifications to any questions – it never hurts to ask. 9. Don’t panic – relax, take a few deep breaths and return to work. 10. Use extra time to check answers – are they reasonable? Use your engineering estimate. 11. Indicate any unreasonable answers – then at least your instructor will know you recognize there is a mistake in your solution. 12. Hand in your test on time – don’t force your instructor to wrestle you to the floor to get your test....
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Exam Tips - – if you run out of time put something down...

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