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Chp1_331 - mainly by Prandtl and von Karman to study fluid...

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FLUID MECHANICS 1. Introduction Until the turn of the century, there were two main schools studying fluids: Hydraulics - engineers utilizing empirical formulas from experiments for practical applications. Plenty of information with limited value. Mathematics - Scientists utilizing analytical methods to solve simple problems. (Aero/Hydrodynamics) General in nature but not realistic at times. Fluid Mechanics is the modern science developed
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Unformatted text preview: mainly by Prandtl and von Karman to study fluid motion by matching experimental data with theoretical models. Thus, combining Aero/ Hydrodynamics with Hydraulics. Indeed, modern research facilities employ mathematicians, physicists, engineers and technicians, who working in teams bring together both view points: experiment and theory. 1...
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