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Practice_Q8_1 - when the chain is set in the lowest gear...

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Practice Quiz 8 Physics 7B Winter 2010 Mar. 03, 2010 On a 10-speed bicycle, the chain connects the front chainring (two sprockets, 40 and 51 gear teeth) to the rear cogset (five sprockets, 13, 15, 17, 20, and 24 gear teeth). The cracks which attach the pedals to the chainring are 6.5 inches. The cogset is attached to the rear wheel, which has a 27 inch diameter. The chain has a ½ inch pitch (one link every ½ inch). a) How far (in meters) does the travel per pedal revolution
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Unformatted text preview: when the chain is set in the lowest gear? Highest gear? ( Answer: 3.6 m and 8.5 m ) b) Consider descending a 40% grade (consider a 15 kg bicycle and a 70 kg rider) at a constant speed (i.e. while braking). Draw a free body force diagram indicating the magnitude and direction of the external forces on the bike and rider. Which external forces provide torques? c) Now consider only the front wheel. What forces apply torques to the front rim?...
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