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Sum of Forces = ma , F net ma , Forces ma , F 1 on 2   F 2 on 1 , d x f x i , v d t x f x i t , a avg v t F g G Mm R 2 , G 6.7 10 11 , F E k Qq R 2 , k 8.99 10 9 , F k k N , F s ,max s N , F spring   kx Rubric Code: a) Pulleys can modify either the direction or magnitude of a force. The rules of pulleys are that (I) The tension T is the same throughout the rope and (II) The length of the rope is constant. What are the implications of these rules on the forces on the masses
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Unformatted text preview: and the motion of the objects for the example below? Explain in 1 sentence. Fall 2010 7B Quiz 6 – Force Model Student ID:________________ Name:________________ , ________________ |______| (last) (first) DL Sec# b) Think about the resulting motion for the system above if there is no friction. Write equations for Newton’s second law for each block. Be careful of which mass you use for each block in F net =ma! c) Solve for T and a using the equations above. M=1kg m= ½kg...
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