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Practice_Q7_2 - a Draw a schematic showing the two ramps...

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Practice Quiz 7 Physics 7B Winter 2010 Feb. 24, 2010 Evel Knievel is preparing to jump his motorcycle across a gap filled with wrecked cars. In order to do this jump he has set up two identical ramps, one to launch from and the other to land on. Each ramp has a slope of 20 degrees and a height at the end of 10 meters. Evel can will be going 80 mph when he hits the ramps. He needs to know how far he can jump.
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Unformatted text preview: a) Draw a schematic showing the two ramps and the trajectory of the motorcycle during the course of the jump (assuming that the daredevil lands it safely). b) Evel weighs 80 kg. His motorcycle weighs 300 kg. What is the change in the vertical component of momentum over the course of the jump? What is the total impulse? And what is the time of the jump? c) How wide a gap can Evel jump?...
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