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Name: , DL Section: Last First Office Use Quiz 6 Physics 7B Winter 2010 Feb. 17, 2010 Two figure skaters, a 75 kg man and a 50 kg woman, are standing on the ice. To keep the numerical calculations simple, assume that g = 10 m/s 2 . a) We will start by neglecting the effect of the friction between the skate blades and the surface of the ice. The woman pushes on the man with a force of 25 N. Determine magnitude and direction the accelerations of the man and the woman. b) The woman maintains the 25 N push for 1.0 seconds. Determine the momentum (magnitude
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Unformatted text preview: and direction) of the man and the woman. c) Assume that the woman and the man are sliding away from each other with equal but opposite momentum. Now let’s consider the effect of friction. Assume that the magnitude of the frictional force is 10% of the magnitude of the normal force. Determine the accelerations of the man and the woman and explain who will come to rest first or whether they will both come to rest at the same time. p dt F J v m p a m F...
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