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Questions for the multimodal integration discussion sections: 1) List and briefly describe three of the four rules of multisensory integration. Do these rules seem to operate with any combination of visual, auditory and somatosensory stimuli? a) Spatial factors. If two stimuli of different modalities fall within the excitatory region of a multimodal neuron’s receptive field, the response is greatly enhanced. If one stimulus is in the inhibitory region, it will decrease the response to the other stimulus in the excitatory region. If a stimulus is outside of the receptive field it will have no effect. b) Temporal factors. There is a relatively long window of time during which multimodal integration can take place. (This is important because visual system responses to stimuli tend to be slower than auditory responses, so if the stimuli are at the same time the visual response will actually be delayed. But the system is designed to enhance responses to synchronous auditory and visual stimuli, so there needs to be a long window). c) Magnitude.
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