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1) How/why did psychosurgery gain so much popularity so quickly? Poor conditions in mental hospitals, rivalry between psychiatrists and neurologists, use of other radical treatments, and new theories of the function of the frontal lobes. 2) What are the two approaches to treating mental disease? Functional (psychoanalysis) versus somatic (medical) 3) What were the other alternatives to psychosurgery? Insulin therapy, metrazol-induced convulsions, electroconvulsive therapy 4) What was the rationale for the first frontal lobotomy? An experiment in monkeys where on abnormal monkey was unable to perform a memory task and flew into rages. After a frontal lobotomy, this animal seemed indifferent to her Performance on the task. (also results of accidental human lesions) 5) What was the basic surgical procedure for the frontal lobotomy?
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Unformatted text preview: The leukotome (a cannula with a slit on one side and a wire inside) was inserted into the brain, then the end of the wire was pushed down causing it to bow out through the slit, and the leukotome was rotated cutting through a region of fibers in the frontal lobes. 6) What is the “disorientation yardstick”, and how was it used? The “disorientation yardstick” consisted of a conversation between the doctor and the patient during the surgery. The doctor would continue cutting with the leukotome until the patient was sufficiently disoriented. 7) What was the fall of the frontal lobotomy? Patients showed no improvement or got worse, Freeman’s disregard for sterile procedure, neurologists performing the operation instead of neurosurgeons, and most important the discovery of Thorazine and other drug treatments ....
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