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Phy 7C Spring 2010 Quiz 1 Solution

Phy 7C Spring 2010 Quiz 1 Solution - Quiz 1 SQ 2010 C/D DL...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 1 SQ 2010 C/D DL Section Grade 4-9-10 Last 6 digits of student ID Last name First name First 3 letters of last name Two buoys float on the surface of a river as a sinusoidal wave travels down the river (the two buoys are each fixed by rope to the bottom of the river so they just bob up and down at the same location on the river) A picture of the river and the two buoys is taken at a time t— — O and IS shown below (the buoy on the right 1s halfway between its highest and lowest points and the buoy on the left 1s at its highest point). In the next 0 73 after the picture was taken the buoy on the right drops down 1. 3m to its lowest point. <—————27m _—-——————> W a) Determine the direction (left or right) that the wave is traveling and explain how you decided this. We 0W3 T314 TAM. H"? ’9‘40‘1/ M The flight?” 30:) down imeMarely Mid—Gr TR’O 5. I? “4 wan/e (J movififi .NyM’, The-‘Leiyh‘l’ of Th2 Wow/9 «7’ V“: ”CWT-5°“ 0F 7‘14 buzyilflf ‘mueases/ whereas if "H4 wave E; mow-«5 lei-‘71] The e1; 05,: 'fAQ wavz qi‘ fist. lbcwfl'ioq o P ‘I’Ae b Uto/ Aecpgq‘ref, flerefore TM wave .01th be moi/1'9 To the b) Find the speed of the wave and explain how you found this. '_ _ If {rakfi 7 I fc" We ka7 7‘6 yo an eiHi/ilbrtlxm f3 0x MMWHMM, ‘TLMJ’ '17" magi} fake. L‘1 S 1"» 3:; from Li’Al Ml.“ f‘b 1"“! (“1490 Wv’x qool'fiuzr ,75 7L0 )5 from ‘I’Le l ‘ ' e' ,. ’ -“ 2 Max* W, "back {’0 ail/«1i; bfiMYH. Tl‘l ($76,164 [.1 Titer“? For? T 2 5’ 1M“ * i -- ‘ TLC AiJ’Q—xé'é‘; fit‘f‘tv-‘egén , cr PJ '3 j— ‘449‘ 3 I: 2 ? W WA; A meaty“ » ,, 225714 A; ’3'}; M, TL“ WAVE freed if “they: V’ ( LL? mf/s 2 3’ 5 0) Write an equation for the time dependence of the height of the buoy (MW that the buoy 0n the right has a height of 0 meters att— “ 0 seconds.) The «WI/i [ft/t4? /J I 3 m, The MLQIIC'IZQA J+q+emga4 fez; wif “ll—Lexi” yo? 0' We. are no} .Aék“ ”it; fina If; . 31:“ Ian. :1» 11a he‘iy’fl? 6’9 The Wave fl" ‘KH X «W‘ T/ b Va: ,£M+?M£ a E. A 1'02 height of M3 i‘='i"qL buwy A3 a FMnc'tson a I” (r w, Thnif if Juii' the. C9,“:évfien for at Siwmk AnameZtclci-ic lb:,: w, wart. ,ré’gfl/z.’ chL wt. £4». bemKJ: 4" f’” . . W t ed’ 4, hex/rimxm, TA‘U", 1 Useful equations and constants 1(x7t) 2 yo + A sin[27t(t/T) i 27t(x/?t) + (1)] v = M" l f = l/T ‘ ...
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