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Phy 7C Spring 2010 Quiz 3 Solution

Phy 7C Spring 2010 Quiz 3 Solution - 4-23—10 First 3...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-23—10 . First 3 letters of last name V 7 7 ID The two speakers shown to the right are wired the same (same fixed phase constant) and send out sound waves at the same frequency with equal intensity. The picture to the right shows the locations of the tw. speakers. The distance from speaker 2 to point B is 1.75 m and the distance from speaker I to point B is twice as big. , a) Suppose a person notices that the sound is getting louder and louder . as they walk from A toward B, that it is loudest at point B, and then gets Speaker 1 quieter as they walk toward C. Find the smallest possible frequency, f, that the sound could be that would lead to this situation. Draw an appropriate phase chart OR an appropriate wavefront picture and explain carefully why the two speakers will produce a louder sound at point B than at A or C. (Hint: if the frequency is as small as it can be for this to happen, what does that imply about the wavelength'of the sound?) PA 4 ;a c 1. 41- ’l Speaker 2 ”eri) . rig/Ax M A? 1%: Vin-”Tim“? 2W lgwwm,rmr w W ribi c7 lobar} We Plna 17513;: 7. ”IN/i, / . AK: X1 ’XL 2 1'7; m, TLe bbjui faJSIlo/e Vq/wg Curre)’fo4)\ TU +M jmqllejd‘ [pth'b/g Value (315 A, c4” If 035/, " Ta; 3 ‘vej V .'(\fl AX : L7; 7". From 11:: T We- (79>?L r / Ml (ICC Wflvceron'i fic'f‘wre above a . 3 H i M f .75 M .. (9'1: 3 {of alfcqu/l‘e In} in”). b) Suppose the sound frequency is increased slow‘lywirimbbflthmspeakers. I} 13’ (.3 Will the person have to move left or right so that they continue to hear a maximum sound while the frequency is being increased? Explain your reasoning. Fir-3% [gaff 4)/ We anW The” We . . baa. —'LWA ~ -"LfY be fort TL”? 74‘1”"“7 Speakerl Speaker2 I X “ lA/“J . creiJEJ 7—0 60‘4"}sz To [neocr 4 Maximum vJownA we. A M ' , « e W l’ new To Co h\’{hw€ ‘l’o bamc Comf’tw’wlwe ”Vi-C" fem-MC / L Pg: A 3’ 2 / w A T” a re wHuLx Mama” ’Hle‘ We ”6 R , Z ' em . . ' t A MU” Mcr ' / l‘ The; le‘E‘l decrefikrcl AA“ wAll/e Mama}; r 9 I} Ago/Haul C, NH UNA; ° wwwfl I .‘acr‘zmer £99 In wt pawn? Mus/Q Useful equations and constants (x,t) = yo + A sm[27t(t/T) d: 27t(x/7t) + n] ‘ Squeed of sound in air is 340 m/s ytotal 2 M + 3’2 ...
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