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Phy 7C Spring 2010 Quiz 7 Solution

Phy 7C Spring 2010 Quiz 7 Solution - 5—21—10 First 3...

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Unformatted text preview: 5—21—10 , First 3 letters of last name 77 ID 1. An electron is placed (at rest) at a position near a magnet as shown to the right. In which direction will the electron move? Explain. . electron The electron "5 a PM“ Chqrje at rest, "We may/tat PWOA“CQF 4 Magma“: ’FlfiLd oval)! CWO e/ecfyig {4914/9 mfa flue ....A ’ A A ' ‘ 2“ A 3 0 ‘I’A we (sh/7 force If quj(3 [fl/vl18151n3. EMT 5 CC? [V] / e {I AD 'Forcej The e/eciro/t W5“ fema‘l‘l" “(T “35”: 2. Converging lens for an electron microscope — In an electron microscope we need optical elements for electrons rather than light and we use magnetic fields to bend the “rays”. The picture below shows the left- to—right paths of three electrons in an electron beam passing through magnetic fields that cause the beam to converge. A magnetic field at the top of the beam bends it down and a different magnetic field at the bottom ' of the beam bends it up. 2 a) What is the direction of the magnetic field that bends the top electron ray downward? Explain. ' (/Lfe RH K 2? F 3.1 (1th b-«T J5me ’f‘Ae e/ecr‘lro A 1J Aejfii'iwe/ H‘e middle {infer i/xouala‘ [Joint mp9. Vvlil. ‘7 EfOoIniz'nj 7% He riji‘ll", The é Field MMJT Pub/r} imfo 7LL‘Q 10“,?6; b) Suppose the magnetic field discussed in part a) was produced by a straight wire at point 1 above the electron beam. What direction should the current through the wire be (up, down, right, left, into the page, or out of the page) to produce the magnetic field direction that you got in part a)? Explain. uxje fir‘la 11 Far 4 wire pew/5;"? léro‘fiy“ pvlwi 1 l" A ffbdl—KCE a B ”Fitz/M poifliinj ‘lnTo fire Pa§.e “l 4 /Q¢q+;0A (be/ow +Ag wire, ‘He Curve/WI— muff bg +0 ”I‘b? rial/fl" W... velocity v , . , Bfield W 9 _ %\ B field I vectors current I I I 1‘ 1 ell-3°? mag“ \1 - ...
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