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An 8 bit alien has the space patrol in its electrostatic clutches. The charge of the alien, the space patrol space ship, and the distance between the two are given in the illustration above. 1. How much force must the space patrol spaceship exert with its thrusters so that it doesn't get pulled towards the 8 bit alien? Show all of your work. The alien produces the electric field of a negative point charge everywhere in space. At the location of the ship, the field of the alien points towards the alien and its’ strength is: E alien =kq alien /r 2 =(9)(10 9 )(100)/(10 4 ) 2 =9x10 3 N/C. Since the ship has a positive charge, it will feel a force towards the alien ship (along the electric field) of strength F=q ship E alien =(100)(9)(10 3 )=9x10 5 N F alien on ship = 9x10 5 N 2. In a desperate bid to escape, the space patrol deploys two charged decoys to position a and b marked in the illustration above. What charge
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