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1a) The electron will move to the right, toward higher voltage. Since PE=qV, the electron will have less PE at higher voltages and will feel a force in the direction of decreasing potential energy. Also, this voltage tells us there is an electric field from right to left (high to low voltage). The electron will feel a force in the opposite direction of the E-field, . 1b) Since the electron experiences a net force, it will accelerate and increase its momentum.
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore, because p=h/ λ , its wavelength decreases. 2) Since both atoms are trapped in the same size region and in their lowest energy state, we know they both have wavelengths of λ =2L=2x10-6 . This means they must also have the same momentum p=h/ λ . Since KE=p 2 /2m, XE will have a lower KE as it has the larger mass....
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