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Unformatted text preview: DL Section #: ngmm’F no flaws Signature: U . alizea‘hhf Tll=l .\ mg: 1.4 I x Linpolerized lght is incident on a-eorfaoe as shown above. The hdioee oi relreouon for the incident medium and the reflecting medium are as labeled. Ginger the Chblten plaoea a polarization filler in front of the reflected ray with the polarization axis oriented vertioally ae atom. The reflection to oon'pletely bundled. 1. In what direction is me reflected Ilgh'l polarized? How CID you ll w"? M It retail . Thu-A it: l'H. alt" ‘uo Leaflet,“ Lon!» Lei-om block-ed 5:) at uwfieut Polar?! . 2. What Is the angle ti? tr- *m" «a = tm" (Nitrite 3D 1uriew 3. Ginger then pieces a second polarization lifter [labeled b} in from of the first {labeled a). The polarization axle oi I: la rotated 45 ' with respect to the polarization axis oi poiarlzer a as shown. The inlet-lollyr oi the reflected light is in. 1iiiith polarizer h in plaee Ginger can now see the reflection. What to the intensity oi the light she sees In lerrna oi in? I. E. ems-i r12. a: 015*) More“) -- I. ($5 HEY '2 '9- "\ “-12 ‘= 10m“ ”‘93 = n— l ...
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