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Name: , DL Section: Last First Office Use Quiz 5 Physics 7B Winter 2010 Feb. 10, 2010 Consider the circuit shown above. The switch is initially open. a) When the switch is closed, the capacitor starts to charge. It will eventually (after and long time) reach a voltage of 3.0 V. How much charge is stored on the capacitor when it has charged up to 3.0 V? b) After the capacitor is fully charged, then switch is then opened again and the capacitor will
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Unformatted text preview: then start to discharge. Make a plot of the voltage on the capacitor as a function of time while it is discharging and write down the equation which describes this function. c) What is the time constant for the discharge of the capacitor ( = 1/ k=RC ) V Q C / dt dQ I / RC t kt e y e y t y / ) ( IR V V Battery IR V ) / 1 ( / 1 r R Parallel...
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