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Quiz 1 DL Sec Name |___|___ Rubric Codes : last first first two letters last name I certify by my signature that I will abide by the code of academic conduct of the University of California. Signature 1 . An astronaut tests a mass-spring SHM system on Earth, and as it oscillates it produces the vertical position versus time graph at right, where y = 0.0 m was set to be the unstretched end of the spring when no mass was attached to it. The spring constant is k = 9.8 N/m. (a) Write an equation for the vertical position of the mass, as it oscillates on Earth, as a function of time. Fill in as many parameters as you can. No work needs to be shown other than explicitly writing out the appropriate harmonic equation and filling in the necessary numerical values. (b) The astronaut takes this mass-spring SHM system to Mars. The same mass hangs off of the same spring as before, where y = 0.0 m is still set to be the unstretched end of the spring when no mass is attached to it. The gravitational constant for Mars is 1/2 that of Earth (g=4.9 N/kg), and the astronaut pulls the mass
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