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1 Turn Page Over L VEN 3 Final Exam March 22, 2008 Put all answers on the Scantron. Be sure to check Form A, write your name, and fill in your ID number on the Scantron! 73 Questions 1. The basis of the French appellation system is: a. Taste of the wine b. Geographic origin of the grape xx c. Location of the winery d. Name of the producer e. Variety of the grape 2. If a Village Bordelaise wine does not meet its standards, it is declassified to (next lower level): Table wine b. Village or commune Region d. Distillation material Subregion xx 3. Next year’s vine growth is affected by this year’s growth of: Leaves b. Buds xx Fruit d. Tendrils Flowers 4. Wine is turned to vinegar by: Acetobacter xx b. Malolactic bacteria Brettanomyces d. Wild yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae 5. The following is not a French AOC: Barbera xx b. Bordeaux Haut-Medoc d. Rhone Chambertin 6. Which is a Burgundy village? Chablis b. Hermitage Listrac d. Vosne-Romanee xx Pomerol 7. St. Emillon is a village in: Alsace b. Burgundy Champagne Bordeaux xx 8. A Grand Cru but NOT Premier Cru label can omit: b. Sub Region Village xx d. B and C A, B and C 9. Which new world country specifies minimum alcohol level in their wine? South Africa b . U S Australia d. Chile xx Argentina 10. Which variety is white? Shiraz b. Barbera Touriga naçional d. French Colombard xx Malbec 11. Auslese wines are made from grapes that have E Brix levels of at least: a . 1 5 b . 1 7 c . 1 9 d. 21 xx e . 2 8 12. Carbonic maceration is widely used in: b. Champagne Beaujolais xx d. Haut Medoc Loire 13. Sauternes is famous for: Dark and tannic red wine b. Sweet white wine xx Merlot d. Chardonnay None of the above 14. Chianti’s home: Piedmont b. Tuscany xx Veneto d. Emilia Romagna Sicily
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2 Turn Page Over L DRAYTON 2003 Oakville Merlot Produced and Bottled by Drayton Cellars, Sonoma, CA alcohol 13.9% by volume 15. White Bordeaux wines are mostly of: a. Chardonnay and Chenin blanc b. Pinot gris and Pinot blanc c. Riesling d. Muscat e. Sauvignon blanc and Semillon xx 16. NOT a Premier Grand Cru Classé Château: Château Haut Brion b. Château Mouton Rothschild Château Lascombes xx d. Château Lafite-Rothschild Château Margaux 17. Typically a dry, white Bordeaux wine: Graves xx b. Sauternes Cadillac d. Auslese Port 18. Vineyards in Washington State periodically lose some V. vinifera to: Phylloxera infestations b. Pierce’s disease Botrytis d. Spring frost Winter freeze xx 19. What grape is used in Barolo wine? Nebbiolo xx b. Sangiovese Lambrusco d. Muscato Barolo 20. Cold stabilizing a wine involves Adding an ingredient to remove something b. Removing particles by passing the wine through a filter
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08FinalaKey - VEN 3 Final Exam March 22, 2008 Put all...

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