09MTA ans - February 10, 2009 VEN 3 Midterm Keep this page...

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February 10, 2009 VEN 3 Midterm Keep this page for your records, submit only Scantron. No calculators, phones or other electronic devices allowed! See last page. 1. In the US, when a wine's alcohol level exceeds 14%, that level makes it legally: a. Still wine b. Sparkling wine c. Table wine d. Dessert or Fortified wine XX e. Distilled spirits 2. The grape variety that now has the highest tonnage crushed in California. a. Chardonnay b. Cabernet Sauvignon c. French Colombard d. Zinfandel e. Scheurebe 3. The vine disease which prevent Vitis vinifera cultivation in the Southeastern US today. a. Phylloxera b. Powdery mildew c. Botrytis d. Leafroll e. Pierce’s disease XX 4. The best and most widely adopted Phylloxera solution was: a. Sulfur b. Rootstocks XX c. Hybrid vines d. Phylloxera-resistant vinifera e. Bordeaux spray 5. In sparkling wine production, the cuvée is: a. Corking b. Sugar and yeast addition to the base wine c. Sugar addition before corking d. The method to remove yeast from the bottle e. The base wine 6. In California, budbreak is usually on or near: a. Mar 15 b. April 1 c. April 15 d. July 15 e. September 15 7. Red grapes ripe for table wine have a. b. c. d. e. 8. Compared to cool areas, warm growing regions have crops that are a. Higher in yield, higher in sugar b. Lower in yield, higher in sugar c. Higher in yield, lower in sugar d. Lower in yield, lower in sugar e. ----- 9. In red winemaking, the process of managing the extraction of color and tannin (i.e. mixing the cap and liquid must) is: a. maceration b. pressing c. crushing d. dosage e. fining 10. The type of press which presses out the maximum liquid and also yields harsh tannins is: a. basket press b. screw press c. moving head press d. Vacuum press e. membrane press 11. Smudge Pots are used to a. Accelerate fining b. Treat vines with sulfur c. Crush grapes d. Hold yeast e. Protect vines from spring frost 12. The component fined out by adding protein is: a. sugar b. tannin c. protein d. potassium hydrogen tartrate e. diatomaceous earth 13. One advantage of a Saccharomyces inoculation is: a. A predictable fermentation
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09MTA ans - February 10, 2009 VEN 3 Midterm Keep this page...

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