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VEN 3 Final Exam March 19, 2009 Put all answers on the Scantron. Be sure to check Form A, write your name, and fill in your ID number on the Scantron! 70 Quest’s 1. The basis of the American appellation system is: a. The alcohol level of the wine b. Geographic origin of the grape T c. Location of the winery d. Name of the producer e. Variety of the grape 2. If a Premier Grand Cru Bordeaux wine from Haut Medoc does not meet its standards, it would be declassified to: a. Table wine b. Region c. Subregion T d. Village or commune e. Distillation material 3. The following is not a French AOC: a. Rioja T b. Pomerol c. Champagne d. Cote de Beaune e. Chambertin 4. Which is a Bordeaux sub-region? a. Chablis b. Hermitage c. Medoc T d. Sancerre e. Beaune 5. Margaux is a village in: a. Alsace b. Burgundy c. Champagne d. Rhone e. Bordeaux T 6. A Grand Cru but NOT Premier Cru label can omit: a. Region b. Sub Region c. Village T d. B and C e. A, B and C 7. Which other new world country has cool coastal valleys and a warm interior valley like California? a. South Africa b. New Zealand c. Australia d. Chile T e. Argentina 8. White wine from northern Rhone is made from: a. Chardonnay b. Chenin blanc c. Viognier T d. Malbec e. Sauvignon blanc 9. Carbonic maceration makes a wine that is: a. Sweet b. Bubbly c. Fruity and light red T d. Heavy and tannic e. Sweet and tannic 10. Red Bordeaux wines are mostly of: a. Syrah or Petit Sirah b. Cabernet or Merlot T c. Pinot noir d. Cabernet franc e. Nebbiolo 11. A Premier Grand Cru Classé Château: a. Château Palmer b. Château Haut Brion T c. Château Lascombes d. Château Lynch Bages e. Château Auberge 12. A sweet, white Bordeaux wine: a. Graves b. Sauternes T c. Cadillac d. Auslese e. Port 13. Concord grapes can be easily distinguished by: a. Red leaves b. White leaves T c. Long canes d. Thick trunks e. Special rootstocks 14. _________ and _________ are a high quality and a large production area respectively, in Italy a. Veneto, Chianti b. Veneto, Barbera c. Chablis, Languedoc d. Barbaresco, Emilia Romagna T e. Napa, Fresno 1 Turn Page Over L
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WICKS 2008 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon Produced and Bottled by Wicks Wines, Sonoma, CA alcohol 13.0% by volume 15. Nebbiolo is the grape of: a. Nebbiolo b. Chianti c. Veneto d. Rioja e. Barolo T 16. Stabilizing a wine involves a. Adding an ingredient to remove something b. Removing particles by passing the wine through a membrane c. Adding an ingredient to prevent the formation of a residue d. Chilling the wine to precipitate tartrates T e. Heating the wine to precipitate protein
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09FinalA key - VEN 3 Final Exam March 19, 2009 Put all...

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