08MTA - VEN 3 Midterm February 12, 2008 Check Test Form...

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L 1 VEN 3 Midterm February 12, 2008 Check Test Form Letter , and fill in your name and ID number , and put all your answers on the Scantron 2000 for all 50 questions. 1. The second fermentation used in wine production is caused by: a acetobacter b saccharomyces c malolactic bacteria d brettanomyces e wild yeasts 2. The bottle residue consumers mistake for glass is a sugar b tannin c protein d potassium hydrogen tartrate e diatomaceous earth 3. Tannin fining is used to a add protein b remove protein c add tannin d remove tannin e remove acids 4. The time from harvest to shipping bottled, low priced red wine is about a 1 week b 1 month c 1 year d 3 years e 6 years 5. Carbonic maceration is used to make a typical sparking wine b slightly fizzy wine c light white wine d light red wine e tannic red wine 6. Cap management affects a Sparkling wine bottle caps b Still wine bottle closures c winemaker hat inventory d red wine maceration e crushing procedures 7. The oak flavor in inexpensive wines comes from a redwood tanks b pine chips c oak barrels d oak chips or staves e synthetic oak flavoring 8. The Greek were the first to a trade wine b plant vines elsewhere c make wine d use wine for medicine e drink too much wine 9. To attain a typically lethal BAC of 0.45%, a 170 lb person would consume this number of standard drinks: a 1 5 b 1 7 c 1 9 d 2 1 e 2 3 10. If you harvest grapes at 24 E Brix, the expected alcohol level after fermentation is (in vol %) a 1 0 b 1 1 c 1 2 d 1 3 e 1 4 11. Today’s legal appellation systems have their origins in a Roman economic development b the Dark Ages c Phylloxera in Europe d the Spanish Missions in California e the Gold Rush 12. Dosage is a
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08MTA - VEN 3 Midterm February 12, 2008 Check Test Form...

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