Chapter 1 Politics and Government

Chapter 1 Politics and Government - Individualism Liberty...

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POLITICS versus GOVERNMENT Politics: the distribution of resources, material and nonmaterial, that are valued The process of reconciling social and economic differences “master science” vs. “wheelin and dealin” Provides a means for those with differing views to strive for collective survival Government: consists of the institutions and processes that make public policy political and administrative organization permanence and predictability Necessary framework in which politics can occur POLITICAL VALUES: In common views that Americans/Texans hold regarding government and politics and even economics Equality Freedom Consent of the Governed Capitalism (economics) The American and Texan Creed
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Unformatted text preview: Individualism Liberty Equality Constitutionalism Democracy Texan creed places special emphasis on individualism, and liberty (and constitutionalism?) POLITICAL IDEOLOGY : the consistent set of attitudes concerning the scope and purpose of government. Divides us along the continuum between (fascists) conservatives and liberals (communists) or place us in a political quadrant. Focus is on difference in views on issues/ideas. Conservatives Liberals Populists Libertarians POLITICAL SOCIALIZATION: the process by which citizens acquire politically relevant knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and patterns of behavior...
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Chapter 1 Politics and Government - Individualism Liberty...

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